Illustration Series + Logo

Bored Keanu Whoa Club

Bored Keanu Whoa Club is a series parodying the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT’s. These were never released as NFTS and were meant as a bit of fun for the promotion of my third book: Keanu Reeves and the Big Bad Whoa.

As such, they were made into prints that were displayed at the launch party.
Additionaly, I created poster featuring numerous Keanu’s that was a free giveaway for everyone that

Aside from covering some of Keanu’s more iconicroles, I imagined what it might look like were he to play other iconic roles, such as the Xenomorph, Silver Surfer or even David Bowie.

(Above) Poster design.
(Below) – Clockwise: Warhol style Marylin Keanu,
John Wick Keanu, Bored Keanu Whoa Club logo/sticker,
Ninja Turtle Keanu, Launch party prints.