Logo Design


Momentai is a tropical, carribean style venue in Hong Kong with a bright red and blue walls, reminiscent of a seaside resort cocktail spot as well as an underground Tokyo beer bar.

In addition to this the client wanted the design to involve a tape due to the fact that one of the walls in the venue consists of floor to ceiling tapes.

I did the initial design in black and white so that the client would have the option to print single colour versions on menus, wrapping paper, etc. I then created a colour version using their desired palette.

Their previous logo involved pineapples so I thought it would be nice to subtley include some slices by replacing the tape reel cogs with them. Additionally frozen pineapple is a very common summer refreshment in Hong Kong so I capitalised on that too.

The rest was fairly straight forward as it was simply a matter of finding a way to fit a beach and palm tree into the label area.

(Right) – Momentai design in use
on grease paper packaging.