Animation, Illustration


I created a totally original, non-derivative series of characters that are 100% original and 100% all from my imagination and not influenced by anything else. If anyone says otherwise I will sue.

The Sparfs are partly a reaction to lazy derivative creators obviously doing it for the dollars. Work made for people with no taste (I don’t even want to call it art). Work that says nothing, elevates nothing. The creative equivalent of high fructose corn syrup. Empty calories. No nutrients. Saccharine.

The Sparfs are also partly a parody and adult reinterpretation of a children’s cartoon. To what end? An exploration of adult themes, adult interests and concerns juxtaposed against something childlike and nostalgic to the adult viewer.

Like most projects, what started as a few simple sketches in my notebook evolved into a larger idea.

The plan was to make a series of animated loops and sell them on usb’s to people at a show as a commentary on NFT’s. This is yet to happen but is still something I would like to do with the project one day. That or make a colouring book.

Animated Loops

Series of animated loops intended for exhibition.

Colour Sketches

These quick character designs are a sample Sparfs I created. Tap to see descriptions.